3 Types of deals. Only one you can influence …

You probably have a sales pipeline that has between 6 and 20 (at most 30) opportunities. Here’s what’s going to happen to that pipeline.

1 Some of the opportunities will close anyway no matter what you do. They are called the anyway sales. You might even be spending a lot of time on these deals, but they will close anyway.

2 Some of the deals will never close, or at least not in a timeline that will matter for you. You might well be spending a lot of time on these deals also. They can seem like deals that could close or will close with the passing of time, but they won’t close no matter what you do. These prospects have a version of “no” that sounds like yes and they are extremely convincing.

3 There is another group of opportunities that could close, but that is entirely up to you, the salesperson. They are called the up-for-grabs opportunities. You need these to make your target and closing this “class” of opportunity is why you were hired.  These are the deals you were hired to influence. 

The up-for-grabs opportunities can appear the least attractive deals. They don’t give off a “yes” sound. They are unremarkable. They often originate with a cold outbound call, so they started off as a firm “no“, the poor relation of the sales world. And they won’t close on their own. Sales don’t just happen. They will require the full professional sales process, not a dose of personality-base selling, that gets you the anyway sales.