Some sales hires are Critical. They have a huge impact on a company’s growth & scaling. 

They are the Level 2 & 3 Sales Professionals and account for only 15% of the sales population. 

This is the sales population that the CEOs & leadership of growth companies hire from. 

Level 3 Sales Professionals. Accounting for only 5% of the sales population, they include player-manager (in smaller firms) and full time, professional sales managers who can build a sales engine. 

Level 2 Sales Professionals: This level of salesperson is a a senior Individual Contributor salesperson, who can develop new business, acquire new clients and build accounts. If you sell internationally, the calibre of sales professional needed will be exceptionally high. No more than 10% of the sales population is qualified to do this role well. It is the common role needed by scaling firms with the fewest salespeople available to do it.

Level 1 Sales Professionals: Accounting for 85% of the sales population, this level of salesperson fills a range of sales and sales-related roles, including account servicing, order-taking, and routine account maintenance. They are not attracted to customer acquisition or new business roles.

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