A Proven Checklist for Defining a Critical Sales Role


The default approach to sales hiring is to develop a high-spec salesperson profile, for a barely defined role. In other words, we go searching for a salesperson with a long number of traits, experiences and abilities, for a role that is loosely described. It perpetuates the approach that says if we can find a “great” salesperson, sales will just happen.

4 High Level Role Areas to Define

There are 4 high level role dimensions that will help you answer this question: to succeed in this role what are the priority, responsibilities, duties and activities I need to focus on? These fall into 4 clear areas.

  1. Prospecting
  2. Consultative Selling
  3. Managing your own Sales Process
  4. Managing internal stakeholder relationships

You need a Checklist to identify high leverage activities and actions

Each of the high level areas listed above, can be further broken down into specific activities. And then you can identify the high-leverage actions that drive success.

In any (critical) sales role, there are many responsibilities, duties and activities, but a small number of critical actions drive the big outcomes.

A well-defined sales role gets you more qualified candidates

Many candidates who can do a role well get rejected because we focus on a range of personal and subjective traits that have nothing to do with performing the role. When you define your next sales role clearly, it will become easier to locate qualified candidates and you will have more candidates to select from.